Research & Development Approach

Cryomation is science driven technology that has been delivered by a team of leading experts from a number of globally renowned companies and institutions.

Although simple enough, the Cryomation process has presented some significant technical challenges.

Automating Cryomation has involved some of the leading engineering specialists in Europe.

The drive to develop a considerably greener alternative to Cremation and traditional Burial has no lost sight of commercial practicality and viability, considerations at the forefront of all technical development.



Technology Development

Cryomation have completed extensive research and trials to develop the Cryomation process.

Cryomation have not seen any evidence that any other developer has conducted any technical or engineering trials relating to a Cryogenic funeral process.

The compelling case to develop a zero emission replacement to cremation has attracted significant grant funding.

Cryomation’s original 3 Year research programme at the University of Hertfordshire was grant funded by the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Cryomation development was grant assisted by  European Regional Low Carbon Development Funding

Innovate UK provided grant assistance for international market research and an advanced R & D project.

Cryomation have won a number of Innovation Research and Development awards, including the Shell Springboard Climate Change in Business Award.



Development Team

Cryomation are now securing investment finance to build the worlds first fully automated Cryomator. Once finance is secured the first generation Cryomator will be operational within 20 months.

The internal Cryomation delivery team is supported by a large external team of leading engineering and technical specialists from global leading businesses.

Major contributors to the Cryomation development team include;


Are one of the worlds leading cryogenic vessel manufacturers with a reputation for Quality and Reliability. Wessington Cryogenics’ custom design and build expertise is being used in the automated Cryomator build project.


Have been providing Cryogenic technical advice and support since the beginning of Cryomation development and are official development partners in the automated Cryomator build project.


Are appointed as design engineers for the Automated Cryomator. North West employ over 150 highly qualified engineers and designers. North West are the primary Mechanical and CE&I Engineering Design contractor to the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, handling most of the Authorities most challenging engineering design projects.

Laboratory research