Burial or Cremation?

Environmentally and ecologically, neither of these options are sustainable in the long term

Cryomation is a unique, environmentally cleaner alternative, with a 70% lower carbon footprint than Cremation.

At the current global mortality rate, over 60 million people will die this year.

The population is forecast to rise from 7.6 billion now to 9.0 billion in just 17 years’ time creating even bigger environmental issues for managing the deceased.

The alarming truth about our departure from this world is that we increase the effects of climate change and the funeral method we choose has more of a destructive impact on the environment than most people realise.

Every single human body cremated uses as much energy in the form of gas and electricity as a 500 mile car journey and releases on average 400kgs of CO₂ into our atmosphere.

During 2017 there were 467,748 cremations in the United Kingdom, each releasing on average 400kg of CO₂

In total, the equivalent CO₂ emissions of a Boeing 747 flying for 5,905.3 hours.


Cryomation were the regional winners of the Shell Springboard Climate Change in Business Award.

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With our technology, we aim to revolutionise the way funerals, burials and cremations are done all across the world.

The work we have done so far has only been possible with dedication from our award winning team, and investment from various companies, institutions and individuals.